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The Best Reptile Birthday Party in Atlanta

My Reptile Guys™ deliver an awesome reptile experience to all kinds of summer camps, as well as Boy & Girl Scout events in the Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area.

In fact, we participate in Corporate Functions, College Events, Carnivals, Fairs, Fundraisers, Festivals, Conventions, Amusement Parks, and a lot more.

All shows are fun, educational, and totally interactive. Everyone gets the opportunity to touch, hold and learn about these marvelous creatures.




All shows include a Petting Zoo / Photo-Op session for every one to touch & hold the reptiles and for parents to capture the excitement in video or photo.

If you need a special time let us know when you schedule the event.


The Explorers:




UNDER 60 Campers ............ $295


OVER 60 Campers / Extended Petting Zoo ............ $350


Add an Extra Hour to Any Show ............ $150

Extra hour (120 minutes total) is recommended for events with over 150 children



Reptile Camps in Washington DC

There are many things to do the the Washington DC metro area during the summer. Many of our nations most historic memorials are just around the corner. With the beautiful weather and historic city, summer camps can be a great event for many children. Just like with birthday parties, My Reptile Guys brings one of the most memorable experiences your children or camp kids will have to your local summer camp or event. From graduation parties, to conferences, to summer camps, and everything in between, you can witness the best reptile show in the entire Washington DC metro area!

Every year, My Reptile Guys attends summer camps, museums, conventions, and many other events to not only help the attendees have a great time and create memories, but also to educate them on each reptile we bring with us. Depending on the package you choose, My Reptile Guys can bring up to 12 beautiful and exotic creatures to participate in the petting zoo. Throughout our time at the event, we speak to the children about the reptiles, and then we let them hold and touch them. This is the perfect moment to capture, so we also bring a camera to take pictures but we strongly encourage parents to bring their own as well!

A Summer Camp Experience They’ll Never Forget

Our goal is to make each and every event or camp we attend an interactive experience that nobody will forget. Think about how excited the children will become when they’re told that the summer camp they’re attending is going to have exotic lizards, snakes, a bearded dragon, and more! Based on the amount of children attending the event or camp, there are two packages to choose from.
The Explorer package is for groups of under 50 children and brings along 12 reptiles for a one hour interactive show, including an extended 20 minutes in order to give the children a chance to hold and touch the reptiles in the petting zoo.

If you’re running a summer camp, or hosting an event, be sure to contact My Reptile Guys to learn more about the package and go through the easy process of booking us to give your children an experience to remember!

The Best Reptile Birthday Party in Atlanta


If you need more information about our Camp & Event Packages, please contact us.

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My Reptile Guys accepts American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, personal checks and cash.

Gratuity is always left to the discretion of our clients.


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