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Serving the Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Suffolk, Nassau, and Westchester counties, My Reptile Guys brings the most exciting and interactive birthday party to you! Whether your child has always had a love for reptiles, or you want to add a different flare to an average birthday party, adding some of our little friends can make it the party of your dreams.

Choosing from one of our three packages, each offering a variety of reptiles to choose form, as well as additional features to come along with it, you’ll be able to customize it to be the perfect accent to your great party. We have pythons, bearded dragons, alligators and much more, all reptiles that come from all across the world!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas in New York

New York is a city that’s busy enough as it is, you don’t need more hassle. Knowing that you already have enough to worry about with choosing the date, sending out the invites, along with getting the cake, and so much more, we want to make this process as simple as possible for you. The moment you call us, our customer service team treats you like you’re the only customer we have. We’re here to answer every question you have and thoroughly explain the packages in detail so you know exactly what you’re getting and how. Once you decide on the package, you have nothing else to worry about!

We’ll show up to your party with the reptiles of your choice, some free gifts for the guests and ways to make sure the star of the party feels special! While we want the guests to be able to touch and meet our amazing animals through the petting zoo we set up, we also want to educate them. We’ll talk to the guest about each reptile, pointing out their unique character traits as well as some history about their species, before you know it your child is going to be talking about everything from turtles to snakes to lizards, and everything in between!
No matter the age group or size of the party, we always see the same bright, excited smiles on their faces and we know that once we leave, they’ll have a lasting memory that they’ll talk about for years to come! Remember to bring a camera, although we do offer photo sessions included in every package, it’d be great to go home with some instant photos of your own!

Other than birthday parties, we love traveling to schools and libraries to be part of a group of students’ education curriculum. The smiles we see on their faces while they’re at school is more rewarding than we can ever say, and your child can be one of those smiles! We also love to take part in events and camps, everywhere we go the kids love our reptiles!

So if you’re in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Suffolk, Nassau, or Westchester, and looking to throw a great and unique party for your child, students, camp kids, or event attendees, contact My Reptile Guys today! You can send the guests on a safari around the world with the array of species we have to offer you!


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