Why My Reptile Guys

Why My Reptile Guys

Customer Service and Dependability

We take the stress out of party planning and we keep you informed (and worry-free) from start to finish!

You will receive a confirmation email the minute you book online. In addition, we will send you multiple email and text reminders before your appointment date to give you the peace of mind of knowing your event is under control.

Our crews are dependable and highly trained adults with college degrees, who have worked with us for years. All have a passion for reptiles and all had previous experience working with children.

Animal Care

Our reptiles are healthy, docile animals accustomed to being around children. We do not own any dangerous or venomous reptiles. My Reptile Guys have performed over 6,000 shows. Most of our reptiles are rescued animals we have adopted very much like pets.


Fun, educational and totally interactive shows

School/Camp programs with flexible show options

Birthday packages to fit any age group & party size

NO limit to the number of children at Birthday Party

Petting zoo & photo sessions included in all shows

Special attention to the birthday boy or girl

And best of all, we come to you!


Treat your kids to the best birthday party in New York.

nnHaving a birthday party for your child at a venue, like the zoo or aquarium, can be exciting, but driving all the kids to any location, plus admission cost and the constant parental supervision that is required, ends up in more time baby-sitting the group than enjoying your child’s birthday party.

My Reptile Guys Birthday Packages provide a unique party solution that delivers the thrill of a safari to the comfort of your home. Offering three awesome birthday party packages to fit any age group and party size. Best of all, we come to you.

The birthday child always receives special attention and a fabulous time is guaranteed for all as we feature the most amazing reptile lineup. All shows end with a grand petting zoo session for kids to touch and hold the reptiles while parents capture the memories in video or photo. A family adventure no one will ever forget.

My Reptile Guys also provide age-appropriate, highly educational and totally interactive programs for academic institutions and recreation camps. Our premium Explorer packages includes our wildest reptiles, active audience participation, and an extended petting zoo session for a delightful learning experience for the kids.

As a family owned corporation, My Reptile Guys have delivered fun & educational reptile adventures to thousands of families, schools, libraries, camps, and events since 2010.





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