The Best Reptile Party in Houston


The Best Reptile Party in Houston

Kids Birthday Party Ideas in the Houston Area.

Reptile Party Invitations






You can also print Reptile Party Invitations to hand out.

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Birthday Party Goodies

Reptile parties are so exciting, it is easy (and fun) to get all caught up in the jungle theme. We have provided many simple to make recipes that will surely turn your reptile party into a special event.

How about Dirt Cups? Chocolate pudding layered with oreo cookie crumbles and topped with some delicious creepy gummy worms?

Check out the fun party cake, snacks and drinks below.







Make a large bowl of Rice Krispies Treats and shape it into a long yummy snake! Recipe below.

6 cups Rice Krispies
3 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 package (10 oz) regular or miniature marshmallows


Birthday Party Decorations


Creating a jungle atmosphere for the brithday party is typically a big part the kids enjoy helping create.

Jungle Fun House

Tape lots of green paper streamers from the ceiling around the party room for a fun jungle feel. And add snakes!

Make paper snakes


Buy cheap white paper plates. Draw a spiral and paint snake scales on them. Then cut the plate in a spiral - working from the outside in.

The outside of the plate will be the HEAD and the inside of the plate will be the TAIL. Cut the head a little bit bigger and tapper the tail. You can one-hole punch eyes and draw them.

The finished snake may be hung from the ceiling from a tail hole with string.



Also, don’t forget to think about some other activities to give the guests, such as a coloring station where they can color their favorite reptiles from our show.

Birthday Party Activities

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PRINT The Reptiles at My Party Booklet with photos and facts about some of the reptiles in our shows. ZIP file.




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