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What parents are saying:

" Glad I called them."

" My girls loved
the reptiles"

" They are great
with kids"

" A birthday party to
always remember "

We loved it!  Will call you again next year.  

" Great for children
and adults "

" Had the guys
back twice "

" I never seen my kids
this excited before,
glad I call these guys "

" They bring all types
of exotic reptiles "

" Educational and
very, very funny "

" was by far
the best birthday party
we ever had. "

" I highly recommend
the guys "

" I will never top
this birthday "

" Wonderful time for
the whole family "

" Unforgettable
birthday party "

"Much better than
driving to the zoo "

" The kids just loved
the Reptile Guys "



Meet Our Staff

Briana the Reptile Gal:


Briana always had a love for animals and aspired to be a veterinarian. She always enjoyed children too and in the end, she received her degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University.

Briana is a lead teacher at Kids R Kids and her natural passion for children and animals brought her to My Reptile Guys, where she has quickly become one of the favorite performers.


Brandon the Reptile Guy:


I am going for a bachelor in information technology. My interest in reptiles spurred from watching animal planet with Steve Erwin "The Crocodile Hunter" and family members who cared for reptiles. Overall, I just love animals in general and find them to be amazing. So it was only natural for me to love reptiles and inspire others to learn about them.


Kagan: the Reptile Gal


From an early age I was taught by my grandfather to respect and love reptiles. We enjoyed caring and learning about them in our home. I have grown to breed and educate families in the community about these amazing creatures from my college year to currently. I desire to provide these learning experiences to children so they will grow to have a greater understanding of them instead of a fear. My Reptile Guys is a great resource for teaching future generations about reptiles.


Adam the Reptile Guy:


Our children, Adam, Josh and Rachael are all wonderful helpers. Most of the time only one will come to a show.

Adam helps transporting the animals to your home and helps during the holding and touching time at the end of the show.

Adam enjoys spending one on one special time with either Mom or Dad.


Josh the Reptile Guy:


Josh also helps transporting the animals and has fun teaching other children about reptiles. He is a very helpful assistant and always has a great time during the shows.


Rachael the Reptile Gal:


Rachael has been working with animals all of her life, and still enjoys it. She likes to come to the shows because she is saving up for a car, which isn’t easy.

She is a talented aspiring artist, and hopes to get into the film animation industry some day.


The Reptile Family:


As a former school social worker, Lee has worked with children for many years. As you might expect, Lee is an animal lover too and enjoys reading and learning about reptiles. This makes for interesting dinner conversations at home with the children.

Glen has also been fascinated with reptiles since he was a boy. Holding a Bachelors Degree in Science, Glen is the founder and CEO of My Reptile Guys.


Our Reptile Family

We are an family business doing what we love!

As a family owned and operated corporation, My Reptile Guys have delivered fun & educational reptile adventures to thousands of families, schools, libraries, and camps since 2008.

Our Mission

Our family tradition of personal care and professional service is conveyed through our staff members, who are highly trained, responsible young adults with college degrees — all share a common bond with reptiles and all had previous working experience with children before joining our team.

In fact, delivering the most memorable party a child could ever have is our only job description.

Customer Service and Dependability

We take the worry and stress out of the planning process! We keep you informed (and worry-free) from start to finish. You will receive a confirmation email the same day you book online. In addition, we will send you multiple email and text reminders before the event, to give you the peace of mind of knowing your event is under control.


The biggest, most awesome reptile selection.

Educational, fun, and totally interactive shows

Three packages to fit any age group & party size

NO limit to the number of children at Birthday Party

Petting zoo & photo sessions included in all shows

Special attention to the birthday boy or girl

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