The Best Birthday Party in Atlanta



The Best Birthday Party in Atlanta

Kids Reptile Birthday Party Ideas in Atlanta

Party Invitations



You can also print Reptile Party invitations and hand them out.

Pint Invites



Fun Drinks and Snacks

Keeping in the theme of reptiles, consider our party idea of making the drinks and snacks something that goes along with it. Have some jello with some gummy creepy crawlers or give each guest a bag of gummy worms, what we refer to as Swamp Slush. Or try our popular Dirt Cups, which are filled with chocolate pudding and oreo cookie crumbles. These are just a couple of our favorites, check out more of them below!



Swamp Slush


Dirt Cups








Rice Krispies Snake

Make a large bowl of Rice Krispies Treats and shape it into long yummy snakes! Recipe below.

6 cups Rice Krispies
3 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 package (10 oz) regular or miniature marshmallows


Birthday Party Decorations


Jungle House

Hang lots of green paper streamers from the ceiling and around the room for a cool jungle feel.

Make fun paper snakes


Buy cheap white paper plates and cut them in a spiral - working from the outside in.

The outside will be the HEAD and the inside will be the TAIL. Make the head a little bit bigger, then one-hole punch eyes.

They may be hung from the ceiling from a tail hole.





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