The Best Birthday Party in Atlanta


The Best Birthday Party in Atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much space do I need for a party?

About 10 x 10 square feet.
Roughly the average size of a Family or Living room.


Do I need to provide My Reptile Guys with anything for the party, e.g. tables?

No, we bring everything we need to perform the show.


How much time do you need to setup?

Set up takes hardly no time.

We arrive shortly before your scheduled time and the show should start right away. The kids will start buzzing with excitement the moment we pull up.


Can I book the show on the phone?

The short answer, NO.

We are out busy all day doing shows and tending to the animals. Booking events while working leads to typos & chaos.

To ensure your event is scheduled accurately, use our online scheduling system. — Our scheduler will show you the dates & times we have available for any given date, in real-time. Once you schedule an event online, you will receive a confirmation instantly and friendly reminders before the show.

Your online registration helps us manage our schedule. We have a full-time staff available to provide any assistance you might need.


How do I know which show to get?

First, be aware that all 3 shows (Jungle, Expedition, and Grand Safari) will hold the attention of children of any age, including preschoolers with short attention span.— The main difference between each show is time; The longer the show; the more time the kids have to pet & play with the reptiles.

There is no limit to the number of children attending a party, but we suggest the following guidelines.

If you are hosting less than 15 children; the 40-minute Jungle will allow plenty of time for every one at the party to interact with the animals, including adults.

If you are hosting more than 15 children, then we suggest the 50-minute Expedition, or the 60-minute Grand Safari. Both of these shows will captivate youngsters, as the animals get bigger and more exciting, plus the petting zoo sessions get longer with each show.


Can I have the party outside?

If the outside temperature is above 86 degrees, the event should be held inside, as direct sun and extreme heat are very harmful to the reptiles and very uncomfortable for the kids. — We only need a 10' x 10' area to perform the show inside.

Only if the weather is 70 degrees or higher! — In case of rain you should have a Plan-B for an indoor party.


Do I need to send in a deposit?

Payment is made by check, cash or credit card after the show.


Do you perform at other venues?

We have participated in events at UGA, Georgia State, Clayton State, Kennesaw State, The Vortex, Chick-Fil-A, Home Depot, Chateau Elan, Westin Hotel, Fernbank, just to name a few.

Corporate Functions
Senior Events
Halloween Events
Holiday Parties
College Events
Amusement Parks
Carnivals & Festivals
Modeling, TV & Film


How much notice do you need for a party?

We book up quickly, especially on weekends, so please try to book your party as early as possible. Parents typically book Birthday Parties 3 to 4 weeks in advanced.


How will I know if my event is booked?

We take the stress out of party planning. We keep you informed (and worry-free) from start to finish!

You will receive a confirmation email the same day you book online. In addition, we will email you a reminder 6 days before your scheduled date and text you 24 hours before the event.


What is your weekend schedule?

We perform shows from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and allow two hours to perform and travel between shows.

All Weekends (Sat & Sun) shows are scheduled as follows:

11:00 am

1:00 pm

3:00 pm

5:00 pm

7:00 pm

On weekdays, we also perform early morning shows for schools and camps, as well as evening events. If you need a special time, please let us know in the comment area of our scheduling form.


When do I start the party?

Moms typically play games and have cake with the kids for the first hour of the party and book My Reptile Guys to come for the second half when all guests are surely present.


Are the reptiles friendly?

Yes, our reptiles are healthy, docile animals accustomed to being around children. We do not own any dangerous or venomous animals.

Many of our reptiles are rescued animals that we have adopted and house them in a special climate-controlled facility where they are pampered and fed very much like our pets.


What are the shows like?

The birthday child is the center of attention, but a fabulous time is guaranteed for all the kids and adults, as we feature the most amazing reptile lineup.

All the guests are involved in the fun. Kids might get a lizard placed on their heads — or a group of kids could be called to hold a 12-foot Python!

All shows end with a petting zoo session for kids to pet and pose with the reptiles while parents capture the memories in video or photo. A family adventure no one will ever forget.


Can I book a birthday show for an event?

Birthday shows, like the Jungle, the Expedition and the Grand Safari are specially designed and priced for parents. We make exceptions when a group or organization is non-profit, or under special needs.

We offer the exciting Explorer shows for school programs, summer camps, and corporate events.


What is the best age group for a reptile party?

Children 4 to 11 are our most popular ages.

All shows are age-appropriate - We always adjust any show to fit the age group and need of the children.

Please note even our premium package, the Grand Safari, will hold 4 year old's attention, since the animals get bigger and more exciting as the show goes on.


Can I have the party in a basement?

Yes, but some reptile containers weigh as much as 60 pounds. If the party area is a great distance from the parking area, we certainly would need a helping hand.

Given the nature of our cargo, it is best when we can park our vehicle as close to the entrance as possible.


Are reptile parties just for boys?

No, in fact, girls typically want to hold and touch the animals longer than boys!

Roughly 30% of our parties are for girls!


What's the #1 Seal?

In a nationwide survey - parents who had previous experience with other children entertainers chose My Reptile Guys over all other competitors, including reptile shows.

Survey conducted in Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, and Houston in 2015.


Is my two-year old too young for
My Reptile Guys?

Yes, our birthday shows are educational and interactive; designed for children 4 years old and up.


Should parents stay for the show?

Yes, Yes, Yes. The parent really get a kick out of the show and some have even more fun than the kids!


AOL user?

Please note that customers using AOL do not seem to receive email confirmations or correspondence from technologies not supported by AOL.

If you are an AOL user and booked a show and did not receive an email confirmation instantly, please check the SPAM folder (if available) for mail from My Reptile Guys or contact AOL support.


The Best Reptile Birthday Party in Atlanta


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